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Danny Gare, 13 year NHL veteran,
on the Can-Ice Advantage

Synthetic Ice
Brings Hockey and Figure Skating
Home All Year Long —
Indoors or Outdoors!

Skate in your Basement, Garage or Back Yard!

Long-life commercial and residential
Synthetic Ice Rinks offer superior glide,
attractive aesthetics and modular design.

Can-Ice Demo Skate

Goalies Train on Can-Ice

Can-Ice Synthetic Ice vs. Real Ice -
Review and Live Demo

Explore Our Trial/Rental Program!

Curious about Synthetic Ice?
Rent a 12x32' sheet (or a custom size, as needed) of Synthetic Ice for $250/week plus a one-time $125 install/uninstall fee.

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Our Full-Size NHL Rink in NJ

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